Sturdybilt wagons, scooters and trikes are the best made in the business. These are quality products for fun, beach, work and even therapy. Since their beginnings in the mid 1980's with the introduction of the BobbyBilt monster wagon, SturdyBilt has had one goal. That is to employ simple design philosophies and construct their wagons, scooters and trikes at the highest quality level possible for the price. SturdyBilt lives up to it's name and now houses the BobbyBilt and Rhino names under one brand. There's other knock-off brands but only one original SturdyBilt.


BobbyBilt Junior Wagon by SturdyBilt
SKU: BC3012


The BobbyBilt wagon from SturdyBilt that's small and light enough to take with you and strong enough to carry more than 500 pounds. Discontinued

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BobbyBilt Classic 40 Wagon by SturdyBilt
SKU: BC40-os


.BobbyBilt Classic 40 Wagon by Sturdybilt is the mainstay in the product line. So popular because of it's many uses and available options. Used as a beach wagon the BobbyBilt Classic 40 is the obvious choice. - Discontinued

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